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Valkin Trading

Valkin Trading LLC is a trading and distribution company dealing in a wide variety of items with the main product being Consumer household goods.

We trade in items like:

- Fashion, Clothing and Accessories

- Consumer Household Goods
- Home Decor
- Diamonds and Precious Stones
- Steel Flat products (CR, HR, PPGI, HDG/GI & Stainless steel coils)
- Chemicals & FMCG's

Valkin has strong relationships with its core suppliers through a mixture of off-take agreements, joint ventures and long term trading connections. Our source plan takes advantage of these global relationships, transacting with suppliers that have demonstrated an outstanding ability with regard to quality and performance. With regard to steel products, Valkin sources raw materials, semi-finished, flat rolled and long rolled products, as well as a variety of coated steel. 

Inventory financing is an asset-backed, revolving line of credit or short-term loan made to a company so it can purchase products for sale. Those products, or inventory, serve as collateral for the loan if the business does not sell its products and cannot repay the loan. It allows businesses to use inventory as collateral to obtain flexible funding to grow the business. This line of credit can be used to purchase additional inventory or to help a business get through seasonal fluctuations in cash flow, among other situations. 

Valkin Capital- Real Estate and Private Equity

Established in 2008 Valkin Capital is primarily the investment banking arm of the group. We have a reputation for devising secure, innovative solutions. Difficult markets demand complex financial solutions. Valkin’s success is due to the Group’s project and trade finance skills. 

Our areas of work include:

- Real estate development
- Private Equity
- Financial consulting & IPO's
- Strategic alliances
- Private placement
- Invoice and Purchase Order finance
- Structured debt
- Mergers & acquisitions
- Wealth management

With 430 million USD worth of deals under its belt and access to middle eastern SWF's and private equity partners, Valkin deals with private equity across various sectors globally.